Thursday 9/11/2014

Today at 6:30 we’ll be doing Becca’s going away WOD:
It will be different than what is posted for the 8:30AM class

Vanquish Barbell Progression

Snatch Complex
1 Snatch High Pull
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Touch & Go


7 Rounds for time
5 Shoulder to Overhead 105/75
5 Toe to bar
5 Jumping Lunges 105/15

Tuesday 9/9/2014

Crossfit Total

Back Squat 1 rep max
Shoulder Press 1 rep max
Deadlift 1 rep max


After you warm up with each move, you “declare” that you are beginning your 1 rep maxes to a coach. From then on every rep must be watched by a coach. and you have 3 attempts.

Attempts include all successful and unsuccessful attempts. (including no-reps)
If you get a successfully heavy lift but have yet to declare, you can not count it for the total. You must declare and redo the lift.

The game is to maximize your CrossFit Total by picking the correct weights based on how you feel and what you can do. For the first several times you do CrossFit Total you’ll probably coming away feeling like you could have done more on one or more of the lifts. This is normal but will improve as you LOG YOUR WORKOUTS and learn about your body so you can better gauge the appropriate weights to choose.

Folks that don’t take the extra 30 second to journal their lifts will almost always come away a bit dissapointed with their total numbers.

Because in the past there has been some confusion on this standard, we will be performing a leaderboard reset. This means that all Total numbers will be erased at the beginning of the day Tuesday.

Monday 9/8/2014

Preparation for “CrossFit Total” Tomorrow

Vanquish Barbell Progression

100 Double Unders For Time

Snatch Complex
1 Hang
1 Pause Above Knee
1 Snatch Grip Jerk

5 Rounds for time:
7 Hang Clean 115/75
7 Bar Burpee
30 Double Unders
7 One arm Dumb-bell snatches